Saturday, December 03, 2005

Love Is What Matters to Me Matters to You

For the last month or so, all I have done is blab about a specific something (no, whatever you're thinking, it's not that, really) to a certain friend. Now, I know this friend couldn't care less about the specific issue--except that she cares about me. So she puts up with it.

We once had a teacher who quoted Rav Orloweck in saying, "love is what matters to you matters to me." Well, that's what she's doing by letting me talk and talk and talk about this one thing I'm really stressed out/excited about (it changes based on the day, the time, and my mood). She listens to anecdotes about people she will never know and frustrations about an activity that she does not call her own. With patience and caring.

Because she loves me, so it matters to her.

(But this does not mean you are off the hook. It just means I love you and appreciate you.)


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