Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring Break Goals

  • Do significant work on my 35-page seminar paper on Howell Raines, the executive editor of The New York Times during the Jayson Blair scandal. Especially enough to do an hour presentation on it next Tuesday.
  • Do significant work on what will by the end of the semester be roughly 50 pages of creative writing.
  • Send a get well card to my uncle who broke his pelvis.
  • Do not kill any of my siblings. Even the ones who deserve it.
  • Do not kill my parents. Try not to want to kill my parents.
  • Catch up with a few friends who I have not spoken to in a while.
  • Read two full books for class.
  • Breathe.
  • Fill my sleep deficit.
  • Be a little bit touristy in New York City. (A museum? Or two?)
  • Go to whatever health-care professionals I can make appointments with before I graduate and am kicked off my father's health insurance.
That seems like enough things for a week. Minus a day. Right?


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