Saturday, March 03, 2007

Happy Purim?

It is almost 11 p.m. on Purim night. I am just finishing my melave malka, and then I am going to the library to write a paper which is due tomorrow. That's right--on a Sunday. (The thought being that if we hand in our papers on Sunday, we'll still do the reading for Wednesday). And I couldn't even ask for an extension because I have another paper due on Tuesday. So, I dressed up (as a Barnard girl--cuz I go to Columbia--it would have worked a lil better if I didn't look so much like a Barnard girl to begin with, like if I was a boy), I heard Megillah, went to the Hillel Purim carnival (with a special appearance by the Columbia Marching Band!), ate, took Excedrin Migraine to try to cure the massive caffeine headache (I figure Excedrin has painkillers and caffeine, so between the two...), and now am headed to the library.

I am going in costume.

Here's wishing y'all a happier Purim with less paper-writing.


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