Thursday, February 22, 2007

Headlines on Equality, Racism, and FroYo

News articles that I found interesting while in class this morning:

  • Apparently, there's a new brand of literature--candidate lit.
  • Frozen yogurt, "the leg warmer of food trends," gets popular again. (I didn't know it was unpopular. Has the NY Times met any seminary girls lately?)
  • Internet addicts (some who use the Internet 4-5 hours a week) treated with therapy and electroshocks and rehab in China. I'm in deep trouble if this comes to America.
  • NYU Republicans try to pull off an event they're going to get a lot of flak for. Does the safety school downtown know any Columbia history?
  • Wimbledon just catches up with the times and starts to believe in equal pay.


At 2/23/07, 2:07 AM, Anonymous Moishy said...

Hi Eli7!

Here in the UK frozen yoghurt is also evergreen - my wife loves it and yes, it does trace itself back to sem days. I believe it was considered a cheap and less fattening ice cream alternative!

Internet addiction at four hours a week?! I would have thought four hours a day would be a more appropriate threshold - and then, like smokers, frum Jews would be able to slip out of the "true addict" category by abstaining on Shabbos!

Ignorance prevents me from commenting on your American or Columbian inyanim, but I on the way into work I heard a talk show host bemoaning the equal pay at Wimbledon on the grounds that the women's play is slower and boring so they don't deserve as much for it as the guys! I bet that that makes you mad!

Have a great Shabbos


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