Friday, March 09, 2007

Deep Thoughts: The Thank God It's Spring Break Edition

Thank God it's Spring Break. Thank God.

  • The fact that I like my 14-year-old sister's music is a little scary. I'm not sure what it indicates about who, but it's scary.
  • If you hypothetically come back from Israel without gummies for your siblings, note to self: they sell them in Supersol too and your sibs won't know the difference.
  • If the shoulder strap falls off your travel bag, do not use it. Don't be macho and think you can do it. You cannot.
  • I support this guy on removing hifalutin (I looked it up. That's really how it's spelled.) language from newspapers.
  • I'll be spending at least some of my spring break in the library in the newly created thesis fellowship: "The thesis fellowship is a state of mind. It's a brotherhood without the gendered connotations. An 'awesomehood,' if you will. We are spending spring break charting new intellectual territory, remapping philosophical debates, exploding scholarship paradigms or just, you know, trying not to fail senior year."
  • Popems=Munchkins=donut holes. Why doesn't everyone know that? Simple vocabulary.


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