Monday, September 12, 2005

Let the Liberal University Brainwashing Begin

In a class I took freshman year here we read some studies that said that not only are universities bastions of liberalism but that they actually make their students more liberal.

Somewhere along the road between the bad housing and cafeteria food of the first year of college and the palatial dorms with kitchens of the senior year, there is a shift in values toward the left. Between required courses and major declaration and study abroad, the college student magically loses any conservative ideals he once had and becomes more liberal.

Well, I came into Columbia liberal, and I'm not sure whether I've changed politically or if I could quantify that change, but I just realized that I am taking a combination of very, very liberal classes this semester - music, writing, human rights, humanitarian intervention, First Amendment.

So, if I end this semester as a long-haired hippie, you'll know those studies were true, and college does in fact turn normally sound-minded people into raving liberal lunatics.

Let the brainwashing begin ;)


At 9/12/05, 7:42 PM, Blogger Stx said...

Who says you're a normally sound-minded person?

At 9/12/05, 8:21 PM, Anonymous J said...

I think you've already bought into the whole Columbia College ideology. I was talking to some people from Columbia the other day, and their all like "you're Republican...ewwww". Which I think you echoed when you told your sister that you wouldn't vote for her if she was Republican (of course this before knowing her theoretical platform in 20 years). For some reason many of my friends that went to Columbia seem to have some pathological opposition to consider the Republican side.

I mean, seriously, the only platform the Democrats have is "the Republicans are so hoo...we don't have any hoo".

Ahem...end rant.

And please don't go off on my conflation of the terms Democrat and liberal. You and I both know that Republicans are overwhelmingly conservative and Democrats are overwhelmingly liberal...even if the terms are not mutually exclusive....


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