Thursday, September 01, 2005

Top 10 Yiddishisms

In William Safire's On Language column this week, he listed the top 10 Yiddishims in the English language:


An interestting list to be sure ... and interesting transliteration as well. Though, there really is no right way to spell Yiddish words in English. (I'm not even sure if there's a right way of spelling them to begin with.) But I can think of a few that should be on that list but aren't. Any suggestions?


At 9/1/05, 4:00 PM, Blogger Samuel J. Scott said...

Schmuck, putz and -- course - oy!

At 9/1/05, 8:08 PM, Blogger Stx said...

megillah? And I've heard shlep before...

At 9/1/05, 8:55 PM, Blogger Michael said...

I'm surprised he left out "shtark." No, it's not popular exclusively in the "yeshivishe velt;" Safire himself used it in an op-ed piece (I think to describe Ariel Sharon) about 2 (maybe 2.5?) years ago (I'll do a Lexis Nexis search for anyone interested).

Also, shmear.

At 9/1/05, 9:02 PM, Blogger Eli7 said...

Michael, find me that article! (Please, pretty please, with a cherry on top!)

At 9/1/05, 10:22 PM, Blogger Michael said...

Since you asked so nicely and politely, I'd suggest checking your inbox for a belated birthday present. ;)

And, for anyone else interested, the article is entitled "The Israeli Choice" by William Safire, published on November 25, 2002, wherein the author uses the term to describe both Sharon and Netanyahu as "shtarkers."

At 9/2/05, 7:09 AM, Anonymous Essie said...

Shlep should definitely be on the list

At 9/2/05, 7:26 AM, Blogger Nephtuli said...

I'd like to see that article too.

At 9/2/05, 7:47 AM, Blogger fsgsf said...

whats with shmuck, shmoiger, and farklempt?



Nj from NJ

At 9/2/05, 9:18 AM, Blogger Michael said...

Nephtuli, check your inbox, too.

At 8/26/14, 10:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enough already!


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