Monday, June 14, 2010

If It's Tourist Season, Why Can't You Shoot Them?

On the mean streets of New York, tourists are a big pain in the butt. They have perfected that stride that is just barely fast enough that it's pretty much impossible to sidestep and pass them but slow enough that you are pretty sure it will be time to go home by the time you get to work. (And, dude, if I can walk faster than you while I am wearing boots with painful 3.5-inch heels and you are wearing sneakers and a fanny pack, there is something wrong.) They stop to point out, in awe, parts of the landscape you take for granted. In D.C., they get even more underfoot by standing on the wrong side of the escalator and eating on the metro (D.C.-ers are ridiculously anal about these things).

All of which is to say, tourists are annoying. Which makes the video below pretty awesome and an amazing idea. But for all my complaining about L.A., I will give it this: A driving culture combined with the fact that my haunting grounds do not so much involve tourist attractions as libraries and coffee mean that I pretty much never have to see tourists.

NYC, 5,762; L.A., 1.


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