Friday, May 28, 2010

7-Eleven Fairy Tales

Yesterday, I got asked out at 7-Eleven where I was buying a Slurpee to take my mind off the damage I was doing to my feet by breaking in incredibly ridiculous (and cute) shoes on the one day when I needed to do a significant amount of walking. I couldn't go out with him, obviously. But it was sort of sad because if you read this blog regularly, you know that I love Slurpees. When my sister graduated from college two weeks ago, I made her get a buff and blue Slurpee in honor of her school colors. That's how much I love Slurpees. (I would note that they were sort of gross tasting, as you might guess a banana and raspberry Slurpee would be, but that's sort of beside the point.)

So, it totally could have been one of those "we saw each other at the Slurpee machine and we lived happily ever after" sort of moments. Too bad.


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