Tuesday, April 07, 2009

'Grad School: It Seemed Better Than Getting a Real Job'

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Some links for your pre-Pesach de-stressing or somesuch (was going to say pre-Pesach procrastinating pleasure, but the alliteration made me sort of gag):
  • This article on college rejections, which asks the fantastic question, "[W]hy do they call them 'admissions' departments when they're really more in the 'rejections' business?" Also, this from the article:

Dear Admissions Committee:

Having reviewed the many rejection letters I have received in the last few weeks, it is with great regret that I must inform you I am unable to accept your rejection at this time.

This year, after applying to a great many colleges and universities, I received an especially fine crop of rejection letters. Unfortunately, the number of rejections that I can accept is limited.

  • And this article on the pros and cons of Ph.D. study.
The standard polemic in favor of grad school— Ph.D programs in particular—typically revolves around the probably true statement that graduate students "get to be alone with their thoughts all day" and the probably false statement that "it's great to know you're giving back to society." (Notice the parallels between arguments for going to grad school and arguments for going to prison.)
  • Also, this comic strip is my new favorite thing. At least until I realize that it's actually my life.


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