Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Deep Thoughts: The Sugar Hangover Edition

  • There is nothing fun about fun-size candy packages. What is fun about getting five peanut M&Ms in their very own bag?
  • I am pretty sure I have a sugar hangover, though never having had a real hangover, I don't really have anything to compare it to. This is the result of a total freak-out last night that involved eating any and all candy in my apartment, and let's just say post-Purim was an unfortunate time to go on said binge because there was an obscene amount of candy in my apartment, and I ended the night with a blue tongue (Laffy Taffy rope).
  • I have fantastic friends who are willing to let me rant nonsense at 100 words per minute and who can walk me away from the candy-eating, speed-talking ledge.
  • My friend's almost-3-year-old daughter to my friend: "Coffee makes you happy." Father to his very-grumpy 3ish daughter in the elevator this morning: "Hm, you must have skipped your coffee this morning." He was joking; I'm not sure I will be if I ever utter such a line to my child.
  • Things friends/grandparents/etc. should not do: Tell you that if you move to a very large Jewish community that is not New York, you will never get married.


At 3/25/09, 2:40 PM, Anonymous Sam Scott said...

About that last point: Would Israel count?


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