Thursday, March 19, 2009

And They Lived Happily Ever After?

Somewhere, I have a post inside me about race, maybe even one about feminism. In fact, they both exist in draft form on Blogger and one day may even see the light of this blog.
For now, though, I'll just point y'all to this article about the female Republican kerfuffle between Meghan McCain and Laura Ingraham that has devolved (strike that, I'm not sure it devolved—it started pretty low) into insults about weight. 
This is the female version of the Rush Limbaugh-Michael Steele-David Frum smackdown for the soul of the GOP? One skinny blonde attacking another skinny blonde who is angrily defended by a third skinny blonde, after which everyone retires in a huff to their favorite health blogs to angrily discuss the importance of a positive body image and the need to support a healthy body mass index? Ever wonder why some men think women are less than serious political thinkers?
And to this Disney controversy about the first black Disney princess and her non-black prince. To which I would just say that don't you think Disney is being pretty progressive for Disney by featuring a multi-racial couple? Why is it only a fairy-tale ending if the princess marries someone who looks like her?


At 3/21/09, 6:58 PM, Blogger sofia serrano said...

I take your point, but at the same time, they've done multi-racial before. I do feel like there's definitely a strategy here that a black couple would not be as marketable. I mean, let's say that she was Jewish, and she married a Christian or something. Or, that she was Muslim and she married someone who wasn't. (And these factors were prominently mentioned/important in her identity.) Wouldn't you be a little irked?


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