Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Deep Thoughts: The 8-Hour Workday Is Too Long and Thin Mints Are Not Lunch Edition

  • Public service announcement: Even sports teams need copy editors. Also, even copy editors need copy editors, as I discovered yesterday after being called out to, oh, half my workplace for a typo.
  • Words of wisdom from Kurt Vonnegut: "Maybe you'll graduate, maybe you won't. Maybe you'll contribute to society, maybe you won't. Maybe you'll be hooded, maybe you'll drop out and get a life. Whatever you do, don't work too hard. Your thesis topic is half made up. So is everybody else's." 
  • Dear NY Times, a slide show with the tag line "Unusual touches for the home need not be expensive" should not include objects that range in price from $55 to $2,970. An almost-$3,000 lamp is expensive. Recession, what?
  • I need to do better on the brown-bagging front. Thin mints, crackers, and string cheese just aren't doing it for me. Shockingly, after eight hours (eight hours is a long time to have to work, just sayin') at work, I am hungry.
  • A friend recently described the Heights—or at least its dating scene—as "incestuous." I tend to agree. Also, this quote from an article by ex-Gawker Editor Emily Gould struck me when I read the article a year ago and still does: "Henry, seemingly alone among our generation, went out of his way to keep his online presence minimal. Now that we've broken up, I appreciate this about him — it's pretty much impossible to torture myself by Google-stalking him."



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