Thursday, February 26, 2009

What They Don't Tell You About Being a Copy Editor

Behold, the beauty of Gchat.
Friend: hear hear
or is it here here
or maybe hair hair
me: hear hear, i would guess
Friend: me too
but that is significantly less funny
me: tho yesterday i could not figure out if it's by the by or bye the bye or by the bye
Friend: ha! i never thought about that one ... how do you figure out the answer?
me: if all else fails, i can ask the all-knowing copy chief
Friend: ahhh The All-Knowing Copy Chief
do you have to sacrifice your first born child in order to appease said All-Knowing Copy Chief
me: i do not think so, but they might not tell you that until you have a firstborn child. otherwise it might really turn people off of the profession
Friend: you should ask some copy editors who already have a first born (who may actually be their second born)
me: i will inquire


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