Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Newspaper of (Yesterday's) Record

I like the NY Times a lot. Enough that I pay a ridiculous amount of money to get it in hard copy every day. And I'm sure that the reporters and editors who work there are really very intelligent and talented. Maybe even some of the most intelligent and talented individuals in the field.

At least most of the time I'm sure of that.

Sometimes, like when I find this article on the front page, I really doubt these things. Did you know that there's this game called Scrabulous (a version of Scrabble) on Facebook (a social-networking site) that tons and tons of people play? Did you know that? Well, apparently the NY Times just figured it out.


At 3/3/08, 5:16 AM, Blogger K said...

The Times is ALWAYS behind the curve on feature and trend stories, in my opinion. Months behind. If one of those stories is news to me, I figure I've been missing something.

At 3/3/08, 12:31 PM, Blogger LMF said...

Yet another sign they should be hiring more of our generation but instead, they make newsroom cuts.


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