Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Going Green = Paying To Not Be Spammed?

This from today's e-mail:

Subject: Go Green with Columbia College!

If you support the Columbia College Fund by February 27, you'll be removed from all of our remaining Fund mailings for the fiscal year. That means no more mail through June 30!
Why is Columbia asking me for money before I have any money to give them? I mean, can't they give me a few years to make some money before they come hounding me?

Also, paying Columbia to not send me junk mail counts as going green? It sounds like a bribe to me.

(Though I would note that since my mail from Columbia goes to my house and I don't live at my house anymore--a fact much contested by my 5-year old brother--really my parents should donate to Columbia so they stop getting junk mail.)


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