Monday, September 03, 2012

Dispatches from Fly-Over Country

Thus far, we've been in Madison for a few days and Wisconsin for a little over a week (we took a  mini vacation in the Waterpark Capital of the World, where T-shirts that said "You only live once," "Call me maybe," and "I pooped today" abounded). Our fridge's contents are mostly Diet Coke and beer (we found the beer in one of our boxes, which Z likened to the Maccabees finding their cruse of oil), though our freezer does contain some meat and chicken flown in with us in our overweight bags from L.A. We have unpacked most of our stuff, which has mostly led us to the conclusion that we have way too much stuff. I am still missing two boxes of books, which contain pretty much all of my school books (or at least the ones most relevant to my research), so it would be very sad if they don't arrive, though one of my boxes of books did include two French books that do not belong to me. I'm getting acclimated, though I do miss the people I love who don't live here, knowing my way around, and Coffee Bean. Also, I may be allergic to Madison. Or our apartment. Or unpacking.