Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Married Life

  • Toveling stuff in the ocean is so much harder than I remember it being. To be fair, last time I toveled something in the ocean, it was chol hamoed Pesach and I couldn't go back to my college dorm without my new Pesach coffeemaker and I needed to crawl under a locked gate to get to the ocean. So the whole sneaking onto the beach thing might overshadow the difficulty of the actual toveling. Anyhow, I got very wet and very sandy but the grill is toveled, which means Z can barbecue chicken for dinner tonight. Yum.
  • Nothing quite prepared me for how difficult it is to cover my hair. I, thank God, don't get headaches or anything like that. And my real hair is straight and brown so finding a shaitel that does a decent-ish impersonation of my hair was pretty easy. So, I know I have it a lot easier than others. But ... I just don't look like myself ever anymore. My shaitel looks like, well, a shaitel, and I look stupid in hats, and I still haven't even figured out how to tie a tichel. But basically, I just don't look like me. I imagine I will get used to it, but for now I feel like I'm looking at someone different when I look in the mirror on my way out the door.  
  • The previous two points make me sound like such a downer about marriage, which is totally untrue. Marriage is great. Everyone is going to start rolling their eyes if I sound all mushy (even though, three weeks in, I am pretty sure we're still allowed to be adorable), so suffice it to say, I am loving married life.