Monday, July 13, 2009

Wait, What? A Slurpee Story

Saturday was July 11. Otherwise known as Free Slurpee Day. This is a big deal. So, after Shabbat, I called up the nearest neighborhood 7-Eleven to find out if they were participating in the promotion, because there's nothing worse than trudging all the way to a 7-Eleven only to find out that they're not actually giving away free Slurpees and then being forced to pay for a Slurpee. (It is physically impossible to go into a 7-Eleven and not get a Slurpee.)
Me: Hi. I just wanted to know if you're participating in the free Slurpee promotion.
7-Eleven worker: We did it yesterday.
Me: But today is July 11.
7-Eleven worker: I know. But we did it yesterday.
That makes zero sense, I would just like to note. Instead, we ate ice cream and watched The American President and we maybe just maybe added a Slurpee-finding clue to our scavenger hunt for the next day so we would have to get Slurpees then.
(Also, I just discovered that a 7-Eleven in Seattle sells the most Slurpees in the world. Between that and their coffee proclivities, it is clear that the good people of Seattle know how to have a good time.)


At 7/13/09, 2:05 PM, Blogger Aliza said...

Maybe you should move to Seattle instead!

At 7/13/09, 6:22 PM, Blogger Lvnsm27 said...

umm slurpy


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