Monday, January 21, 2008

Elegy For The Post-Watergate Journalist

"Isn't the news itself still valuable to anyone? In any format, through any medium -- isn't an understanding of the events of the day still a salable commodity? Or were we kidding ourselves? Was a newspaper a viable entity only so long as it had classifieds, comics and the latest sports scores?"

When asking what I want to do with my life, someone recently suggested an obituary writer of the newsroom. Which was sad but somewhat humorous coming in a long list of other journalism-related professions.

But this article, well, is essentially an obituary of the newsroom or journalism or starry-eyed post-Watergate journalists. (Money quote above.) It almost brought tears to my eyes. Seriously.

(Though I would note that I did my share by subscribing to The Times today. This poor journalist is doing her share to save newspapers.)


At 1/22/08, 9:22 AM, Anonymous Vora said...

As an avid reader of obituaries (not kidding - it goes with the profession...), I sure wouldn't mind (btw, this latter half is the actual joke ;-).


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