Thursday, June 28, 2007

'Some Editors Are Failed Writers, but So Are Most Writers'

This essay about writing made me come pretty close to tears. and this poem about writing is, well, my poem about writing, which was a procrastination from actually writing...

College Graduate
for saving electricity—and money
(you don’t need lights during the day)
quiet except for the TV playing in the apartment downstairs
and the patter of rain hitting the sidewalk below
amid the cramped clutter of the apartment,
big enough for two, but barely,
newspaper sections, open and left in different places,
a magazine or two (sophisticated Newsweek, not trashy People),
a dirty glass on the table,
a full trash can asking to be emptied,
bagel crumbs and a cream cheese knife
on the small kitchen’s counter,
two rumpled, unmade beds, sheets not matched,
worn-out, faded teddy bears next to both pillows,
she sighs,
puts the glass in the sink,
collects a newspaper section or two,
Metro (yesterday’s) from the bathroom, Style (Sunday’s) from the bedroom floor,
sits down at the small, round table
with a cup of coffee, a bowl of cereal
(it is noon)
pushes aside the newspaper
and begins to write


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