Thursday, June 28, 2007

Deep Thought of the Day: The Lawn-Party Edition

My school newspaper threw a party at the end of each semester--a party which people got dressed up for. Which was a problem for a frum Jew because, well, frum girls don't really have appropriate clothing for the "get dressed up and by that we mean wear a dress that is made of almost no fabric" college party. My friend (also frum) and I would spend the end of every semester frustrated that despite our closets full of fancy Shabbos clothing, we had nothing we could wear to the newspaper party.

This ended particularly badly one semester with the two of us standing on a cold corner in Midtown Manhattan after a futile shopping attempt when she stomped her foot and yelled: "I just want to have a dress to wear to the dork dinner! Shoot, now I'm going to end up on Overheard in NY."

Either way, I don't really have to worry about the dork dinner anymore (which does not mean I have outgrown my dorkiness, only that it has been displaced), but this week's revelation: there is also no frum girl clothing equivalent for the lawn party. You find me a tznius alternative to the cute little seersucker sundress. I dare you.


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