Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Out of Context

New blog feature--and by that I mean I'll do it once and continue if I ever feel like doing it again. Quotes I came across and really liked. I'm not so cruel, I linked to the context in case you are curious what the heck I was reading.

"I don't personally think D.C.'s too bad. I mean, it's certainly not New York or Hotlanta or LA or San Francisco — don't get me wrong. Those cities all have some kind of unique culture, decent professional sports teams, really tall buildings, extremely attractive people, awesome night life and insane real estate prices." --Wonkette

"What big brothers and sisters have to teach, if that's the right word, is how to win the camp burping contest or wheedle more dessert. I'm not sure you can stage that sort of, um, instruction." --Slate

"'somewhere between JDate and a camel auction'" --NY Times


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