Thursday, May 31, 2007

Deep Thoughts: The New Apartment Edition

"Four years of college and all of this knowledge have earned me this useless degree."

Between a crazy end-of-the-semester crunch, graduation, and moving to a new apartment in a new city, I've been a little bit MIA. And the fact that we don't (and won't) have Internet in our apartment doesn't help either. (Also, you can't use between when you list more than two things like I just did, so don't tell my new boss.) Deep thoughts about moving out, moving on, moving in, and moving up:

  • Columbia's illustrious Core Curriculum should include how to set up an apartment.
  • Washington is hot and disgusting in the summer. So hot and so disgusting. And my hair does not react well. Time to invest in some Frizz-Ease.
  • If you remove a bamboo rug from the bedroom because it is in your way, you may be releasing awful pet odors that will take you three days and multiple visits by carpet cleaners to remove.
  • Boys are dirty. So if you sublet from a boy, beware that he may not have cleaned in the entire eight months that he lived in the apartment. Ew.
  • Free wireless is not really free if it's in a coffee shop where you have to buy coffee to get the free wireless.
  • Likewise, free furniture is not actually free if you have to pay to transport it back to your apartment.
  • You can put together a bed frame and salvage a falling-apart futon without any tools.
  • A bed is more comfortable than a mattress on the floor, which is more comfortable than a blanket on the hardwood floor. Let's just say I know this from experience.
  • Everything you need for an entire summer weighs more than 50 pounds in each of two bags, airport regulations not withstanding.
  • In the packing priority list, coffeemaker and shoes come before casual clothing. This is just reality.
  • Having your own apartment and furnishing it makes you feel like an adult. Which is really, really scary.


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