Sunday, May 06, 2007

Deep Thoughts: The More-Fun-Than-Studying Edition

This is Eli7 reporting from Butler Library...

  • If the library has stupid rules that don't let you bring in food even when the library cafe is closed, it will only cause students to be more creative about bringing their food in. (Big sweaters? Sweatshirts? Bags? Knapsacks? Really... I had to leave my food outside, go into the library to get my bag, go back out, put my food in the bag, and then walk right back in.)
  • Note to self: If you are a second-semester senior who only needs five credits to graduate, do not, under any circumstances, take 17 credits, all of which include a lot of work in your last week as a college student. Also, once you've handed in 40 pages in a day, your semester should be over. No matter what.
  • Do not blog from the library or more people will know about your blog. That's just the way it is. Maybe that's OK.
  • If you take over a study carrel in the library, leave all your books there, and hang up pictures, probably everyone will be too scared of your insanity to displace you, even when you leave it unattended for all of Shabbos.
  • Who wants to join the "If Eli7 Fails, I Will Eat a Newspaper" club?
  • As of now, I am living in a box for the summer cuz I have no apartment. This is bad.
  • Columbia paraphernalia always makes me happy. A duffel bag, a fleece blanket, a mug, a beach ball, a photo frame, and a pennant all on the same day makes me ecstatic. Or maybe that's just the sleep deprivation.
And now back to work...


At 5/8/07, 2:41 PM, Blogger Scraps said...

I'll sign up to eat the newspaper...but that's only because I'm fairly certain I won't have to.


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