Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My Study Space

Just in case you've been wondering where I am... That's right, I have literally moved into the library. Disturbing, I know.


At 5/8/07, 6:37 PM, Blogger Lichvod Shabbat Kodesh said...

I can't find in your picture the lamp with the holes burned through it!

P.S. My study space has long rows of seats, poles, and straphangers...a (1) train subway car...

At 5/9/07, 9:51 PM, Blogger Eli7 said...

The burned-out lamp is in my room--I didn't bring everything I own to Butler. Just most of it.

At 5/11/07, 4:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mazel Tov on graduating!!
love your blog! and couldn't stop laughing when I saw the picture of your Butler home. Brings back good memories! -Leah G


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