Thursday, February 08, 2007

Save the Whales? Save the Newspapers!

"The world's oldest paper still in circulation has dropped its paper edition and now exists only in cyberspace."

Most depressing piece of news ever. Well, fine, maybe not ever. But in case you couldn't tell, I happen to like newspapers. A lot. And while I do read a lot of my news online, I like the paper thing. I like when my fingers get smudged with newsprint. I like turning the pages. I like catching when good newspapers make mistakes and jump to the wrong page. I like the finality of the print edition. I like the rush before deadline and the tangible thing you've put out when you're done.

And it's sad to me that there's all this talk of newspapers dying--not so much because I'll be out of a job (I mean, that's why I'm taking the LSAT, right?) as because I believe in newspapers.

So, get out there and save the newspapers! Just don't ask me how.


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