Thursday, February 08, 2007

Things I Should Probably Be Worrying About

Right, so I've been stressed out about the LSATs and my mind is going in circles stressing about everything, but I've been neglecting some things I should probably be worrying about:

  • My lamp is melting. Like the colored plastic shades are actually melting and there are holes in them. But I use it anyway.
  • I just took out about half the books in the Journalism Library (which isn't a really big feat--it's a pretty small library) for a paper I'm writing. But now I hafta read them all instead of using them, piled up next to my desk, as a nice little table for my tissue box.
  • I do laundry on the "One More Day and I'm Naked" schedule ... and let's just say I'm close.
  • I need an apartment for the summer or I will be commuting to my fabulous internship from a cardboard box on the sidewalk.
  • I have to do a class presentation on a book I have not read. And masterful as I am at B.S., I very much doubt my ability to present a book that I don't know anything about.
  • I haven't decided if it bothers me that my current publishing internship makes me into the bad guy (gal?) who rejects all the manuscripts of bright-eyed authors.
  • I dusted instead of studying last night. That's right, dusted. Procrastinating is one thing, but that is downright disturbing.


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