Monday, February 05, 2007

Correction, Correction, Read All About It

In doing research for a paper I'm writing (on newspapers, what else?), I found this book and sorta fell in love with it--Kill Duck Before Serving: Red Faces at the New York Times: A Collection of the Newspaper's Most Interesting, Embarrassing and Off-Beat Corrections. Maybe I'm so enamored because I used to be in charge of corrections at my school newspaper. Or maybe because last week, they (under someone else's reign) ran the dummy text in the corrections box instead of the actual correction. The dummy text is an actual correction. From four years ago. Oops.

My favorite one from my perusal of the book--from March 11, 1975:

"In yesterday's issue, The New York Times did not report on riots in Milan and the subsequent murder of the lay religious reformer Erlembald. These events took place in 1075, the year given in the dateline under the nameplate on Page 1. The Times regrets both incidents."


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