Monday, March 06, 2006

Kosher Housing and Kosher Actions

Note: I'm posting this now because I desperately wanted to write it, because it's the least incriminating thing I could write right now that would express anything. I'm not sure whether or not I'll leave it up. We'll see.

I am a relatively easy-going, nice, calm person (or at least I'd like to believe that). But when I get mad, I get really, really, revenge-seeking, name-calling mad. In my defense, I can't remeber the last time anyone except my family has made me this mad. But yesterday I was just that mad. It doesn't really matter why and it seems like it's on its way to being resolved (IY"H, poo, poo, poo). I was so mad I scared myself and that was really not a pretty thing.

In (maybe) unrelated news, housing is no fun. In fact, at one point very recently, my housing options were so bleak that a friend suggested that the easiest option might be to get married. She was dead serious.

Last housing vignette, which may or may not be related to the others. The frum students at Columbia (especially the girls, supposedly the guys do this much less painfully, or so they say) go to great lengths to ensure that all the frum students have a suite to live in with other frum Jews and with a kosher kitchen. The thinking being that Columbia is not the easiest place in the whole wide world to be a frum Jew and living together is very important. However, creating these living arrangements seems to breed a lot of negativity and a lot of decidedly unbecoming behavior. (I include myself in this, by the way.) The fact that we have to behave in ways which Orthodox Jews should not behave to maintain a frum environment indicates that we're doing something very, very wrong.

I will now step off my soapbox and go to bed (eventually). Good night.


At 3/8/06, 12:23 PM, Blogger Devorah said...

Hmm. I say unrelated. Certain people act a certain way in matters unrelated to housing. It just bit you in the butt when it came to housing. (though that maybe a causal link legally...)


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