Sunday, March 05, 2006

It's 3 a.m. Do You Know Where Eli7 Is?

It is 3 a.m. and I am awake because, a, I have an inverted sleep pattern, and, b, I slept a ridiculous amount on Shabbos. So, now I am awake but too tired (or too lazy) to do school work. Excellent. So, to occupy myself until I can collapse into bed, some thoughts to ponder:

  • I drew some fire, when a few posts ago I said something to the effect of "I can't respect college students who spend their entire lives engaged in various forms of really, really bad things." This does not mean I expect everyone in the world to have the exact same values I do--not at all--but there is something incredibly vulgar and disturbing about the way most college students live that has nothing to do with my being an Orthodox Jew. There is a Columbia Facebook group called, "I'm Definitely Going to Hell," which would be funny (and may be true) except for the fact that these people are willing to gleefully accept the fact that they're doing something wrong. A little bit sad. That's all.
  • On the subject of Facebook, I friended my high-school-aged sister this week, at which point I realized just how artificial it is to rely on a Web site to indicate friendship.
  • I generally think of myself as a nice, courteous person. Not the nicest or most courteous person, but not an awful person either. And I am surprised when others don't act courteously and nicely. And housing brings out the worst in everyone.
  • Sometimes, no matter how much you want to, there's no talking sense into people. You can't force someone to do something they don't want to do even if you're absolutely convinced you're right (and I am).
  • A T-shirt I like. (Though the one that said "Bad grammar makes me [sic]" was also quite amusing.)
  • I am dissapointed when I cannot do everything I think I should do and upset to find out that I am not Superwoman, but alas I am not.
  • If I don't get some school work done sometime very soon, I may actually fail out of Columbia--a nearly impossible feat and one that I don't particularly want to accomplish.
  • If you can tell me when the Columbia College swim test requirement was instituted, I will love you forever.
That's all for now. Perhaps I will be able to fall asleep now that it is closer to my usual bedtime...


At 3/5/06, 1:14 AM, Anonymous J said...

Ha! It's 4:00 Am and I'm still up. We should get together sometime.

Anyway, I googled the Columbia Spectator (isn't that your paper?) and I came up with this column in which this guy speculates about the origin. Not the most reliable source ever, but the explanation sounds pretty good.

At 3/5/06, 1:19 AM, Blogger Eli7 said...

We should get together!

Thanks muchly for the research and yes Spectator is my paper and I even came across this article. The problem is I need an actual date for the origins of said test. (It's for extra credit in a class I'm taking, I could alternately, y'know, do work for the class and do well that way...)

At 3/5/06, 1:24 AM, Anonymous J said...

Extra Credit? Sounds like something I'd get in second grade for making a diaroma. You guys still get that? Man, am I at the wrong school.

At 3/5/06, 1:29 AM, Blogger Eli7 said...

Well, I could make some nasty jab about it being a Barnard course, but suffice it to say that basically the professor (whom I'm obsessed with) is just using us as free labor--he needs the date and figures he has a class of resourceful students who would do anything short of murder for an A, so...

At 3/5/06, 1:42 AM, Anonymous J said...

Is it this one? *POLS BC 3331y
Colloquium on American Political Decisionmaking
Readings on decisionmaking, policy analysis, and the political setting of the administrative process.
Students will simulate an ad hoc Cabinet Committee assigned to prepare a presidential program to deal
with aspects of the foreign aid program involving hunger and malnutrition. —R. Pious
Prerequisite: POLS B 1001 or the equivalent. Admission by application through the department only.
4 points.

It's about decision making...thats a connection right?

At 3/5/06, 8:53 AM, Blogger Eli7 said...

Nope, that's not the class (though I do know a lot of people in that class). Try again...

At 3/5/06, 11:27 AM, Anonymous J said...

I got nothing...but boy am I tired.


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