Tuesday, February 14, 2006

So, It Seems I Haven't Completely Sold My Soul

"Dear EIC,
I just wanted to let you know that I can't make the dinner on Friday because it's on Shabbat. And much as I have sold my soul to this newspaper, I am still an Orthodox Jew.

The newspaper I work for is having its annual dinner/speaker. As an editor, I'm invited to both--in fact, I'm required to go to both. Only one problem: it's on Friday night. For the past two years (when I wasn't invited to the dinner, which ironically has a kosher food option even though it's on Shabbos), it has not been on Shabbos. This year it is. So, I can't go. No big deal. I let the appropriate people know, I'm slightly dissapointed, but no big deal. It doesn't bother me beyond that.

A non-frum Jew I work with was outraged that it was planned for a Friday night. Outraged for me. I mean, like really upset about it. Upset in a way I would never get upset over something like this. And I wonder what prevents me from getting upset about these things. I most of the time don't care when there's no kosher food option or when something is planned for Shabbos when I can't go. Minor sacrifices for my religion, right?

But I wonder if that's what it is. Does it not faze me because I acknowledge that these things are worth giving up? Does it not faze me because I just don't expect other people to think about the small, small minority that is Orthodox Jewry? Does it not faze me because I just don't expect that much respect for my decisions? Does it not faze me because I'm used to it?

I wonder.


At 2/15/06, 8:28 AM, Blogger FrumGirl said...

Maybe it is because you dont want to be disappointed so you dont allow it to phase you. I am sure on some level its bothering you.


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