Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Don't Tell Me What to Do

OK, so I sort of agree with the premise of this article that Orthodox women wear a lot of black and that maybe we should expand into other colors. Or at least feel like we can expand into other colors. This comes from a girl who just bought orange shoes, so, yeah, I like color. 

But. You know what I hate? Men telling women how they should or shouldn't dress. (Though, this article about women wearing leggings under their skirts was far worse.) Because, dudes, tznius is hard. And so much of tznius has nothing to do with halacha per se but is all about level of comfort and sensibilities and whatnot. So let women make their own decisions. 

And trust me, there are enough women telling women what they should be wearing in any case. 


At 11/27/13, 8:40 AM, Blogger Princess Lea said...

People often get stuck on the wrong point. Men (like my father), for instance, who (usually) are not in the women's shopping trenches, don't understand that eveningwear is often black. It wasn't my choice. It's all that is available. So please don't grumble, father dearest, when I come home with a ravishing dress that is cut to perfection and is, sorry, black.

Additionally, women's main criteria should be whats suits them not what color it is. And some women are more conservative than others. I like red! I like turquoise! But that's me. That's the whole point of individuality.

That guy's article just made me roll my eyes. OK, buddy, you do better. Oh, you want to leave the store with the first thing you see? No, dear, that's not how it works.

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