Thursday, June 27, 2013

Adventures in Dublin

I am currently in Dublin for a conference, which has been both fun and stressful. I can't wait to be back in New Jersey (and, wow, I never thought I'd say that).
  • There are so many kosher Cadbury options in Ireland. But really how much chocolate can I bring back? Challenge accepted.
  • Oh, charming and quaint cobblestoned Europe. My heels hate you.
  • The exorbitant conference fee for my conference included lunch. I inquired about whether they could get me kosher food, not expecting much but figuring it was worth a  shot. They told me they would be able to accomodate me. Now, I am no fool and I brought tons of food with me just in case. I went to lunch yesterday and got punted from person to person who had no idea what I was talking about until finally I found someone who did know. She explained to me that it was a big hassle to get kosher food (true) and so the chef here said really there's no problem with the food he makes, so I should just eat that. Thanks, dude.
  • I really enjoy walking around a  new city, especially when I can't figure out the bus system in said city. Doing so with a bag that holds a computer, a gemara, a Kindle, a siddur, and multiple novels is probably not the best idea, though. 
  • Dear Dublin, 55 degrees and rainy is not acceptable summer weather. 
  • There are so many used books for sale here. If there were international media mail, I would send back a box of books. Alas, I have to settle for what fits in my suitcase.


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