Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Deep Thoughts: The It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas Edition

The end of the semester is always crunch time, no matter how well-intended I was about getting things done earlier or being more efficient or whatnot. Things that break the monotony by making this semester even harder than past semesters:

  • Going to school solely for a meeting only to get stuck in an elevator for 45 minutes and miss the meeting. 
  • A moving-out roommate unceremoniously removing the Internet a day early while I was smack in the middle of using it.
  • And, oh yeah, wedding planning. I have no idea why such a happy occasion has to be so stressful to plan. And why libraries won't let me use their space to get married. (With the exception of the NY Public Library, which will gladly let me use their space ... for a small fee of $50,000.) 
But a week from tonight, I will be so done and so far away and so happy. If only I could fathom getting there alive and sleeping in between now and then. 


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