Wednesday, July 21, 2010

משנה מקום משנה מזל

Yeah, yeah, I've been playing hooky on my blog lately. Sorry.

In the time since I last wrote, I spent two amazing weekends with good friends who were visiting from the East Coast, I officially moved (!) with the help of some incredibly dedicated friends, I unpacked many of my books (though am still trying to get a hold of one last bookcase so that I have space for them all, I scavenged Craigslist and yard sales for the last items I needed for the new apartment (folding wooden bookcase, $5; two bar stools, $10; hot water urn, blender, serving piece, 700 packets of Splenda and other assorted things, $30), I procrastinated doing schoolwork, I completed my flip-flop collection with USC flip-flops (from Target!), I discovered a good used-book store in L.A., I did the whole Tisha B'Av thing (though with less inspiration than I would have liked), I got a new power cord for my laptop because the old one was oozing brown goo (score one for Apple Care), and various other assorted things.

All of which is to say, I've been busy—but good busy (well, aside from Tisha B'Av and the brown goo)—and things are looking up. But I'll try to keep you updated more regularly from here on out. Also, I'll try to stop procrastinating and actually get my schoolwork done.


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