Friday, March 05, 2010

Procrastinatory Ramblings

Things I discovered tonight while procrastinating:

  • My sister, whom I love dearly, needs some pun help. Under a Facebook photo of her and a friend dressed up as cheerleaders, someone posted: "If you wore this while giving a shiur, you would be shiur-leaders!" To which my poor, misguided sister replied, "That's so corny you could say a ha'adoma on it." Dear sister, If you are reading this, please call me and I will explain to you why puns are evil and you should only use them if you are a headline writer for a NY tabloid (in which case, your job would depend on them, so I couldn't take issue, at least).
  • My journalist friends failed me in not alerting me to this article, which was published in January, which I obviously should have read. Please send any articles about the collapse of once-great newspapers to me. Thanks.
  • I am pretty proficient at spilling multiple types of caffeinated beverages on my Columbia sweatshirt. Most of the time, it's coffee, but today, I gave it some variety when I spilled Diet Coke on it. Also, I broke another cardinal rule and drank something without caffeine in it—cranberry juice—tonight. What am I becoming?
You know what I have not discovered tonight? Anything about organizational economics, which is a shame because, well, that's the only thing I needed to learn about tonight.


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