Monday, November 03, 2008

The End of the World as We Know It

Pre-Election Day thoughts:

People should care enough to be informed and to vote. (Also, you get free things if you vote.) 

I need people who care to watch the election returns with. I was invited to a college election night party, but somehow I feel like that is not the best place for me. 

Still, this will be a historic election and I'd like to be with people who care, people who are informed enough to know what is happening and its signifigance. 

In an un-Downie-esque move, I will vote tomorrow and I have known for quite some time who I will cast my vote for. But still, I do believe there are good reasons to vote for either candidate. And it annoys me when people have decided who they are voting for and have no good reasons to articulate. 

The whole point of democracy is to have an informed citizenry, not to have people who go to polls to get free stuff.


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