Friday, June 20, 2008

Food and Shelter: More Important Than Grammar?

Last spring, a friend and I were frantically looking for an apartment to sublet in Washington for the summer. We had pretty specific requirements in terms of price and location and we had been wholly unsuccessful in finding anything. We were a few weeks away from graduation and both had good internships but the possibility of being homeless in D.C. was less than appealing and increasingly likely.

It was in this high-stress environment that I suggested to my friend that we needed to have ethics and standards in this search. Clearly we could not sublet an apartment from someone with blatant grammatical and spelling mistakes in their Craigslist ad. She said that clearly I was insane and wished to live in a cardboard box for the summer.

This article (sent to me by a friend) is by a reporter with a Lynn Truss-esque urge to edit  restaurant menus. I sympathize and have been tempted more than once to stand on the high moral ground and not eat at restaurants with egregious menu typos (all restaurants owned by Israelis, I mean you). But then I get hungry, sigh and order.


At 6/23/08, 8:50 AM, Blogger Scraps said...

I totally know what you mean. There are some truly terrible typos out there, and they're painful to see. But the food is :)

At 6/24/08, 5:23 AM, Blogger K said...

hey, this is just to say... should the top intro bar to your blog really still say you want a law degree? cuz you can have one if you want one. i seem to remember a certain lsat-taking study fiend.


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