Friday, June 06, 2008

Of Mice and Men

This morning, I stumbled into my kitchen, ready for work early, to get something to eat so I could have breakfast and read my newspaper before going to work. I was impressed with my morning accomplishments and looking forward to reading article #7,532 on these never-ending elections.

I walked into the kitchen and saw ... a small dead mouse on the floor. My roommates had all already left (the benefits of being a copy editor) and would all be gone through Shavuot.

I walked straight out of the kitchen, trying to think of a way I could avoid dealing with the mouse. I thought maybe I made it up. Maybe it wasn't there. Maybe it wasn't really a mouse. I peeked back into the kitchen to confirm that I wasn't making it up -- and that it had a tail.

I called a friend for a pep talk. She freaked out and advised that I should try to find a boy. I suggested that this was as good a reason as any to get married. (Cue gender issues.) She stayed on the phone with me as I used newspaper (the sports section) to sweep the thing into a plastic bag.

So, yes, girls can do anything boys can do, but I'm not sure why we'd want to.

(Note: Headline has been changed by request.)


At 6/18/08, 7:41 PM, Anonymous gomo18 said...

Great title. How'd you ever think of it...I wonder? You're right though, you just may get lots of google hits from high school kids trying to find papers to swipe off the internet.


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