Friday, May 30, 2008

Made-Me-Gag Pun of the Week Award

[Disclaimer: The hyphenation in that title is all wrong. But I just couldn't bear to put in as many hyphens -- or the combination of quotation marks and hyphens -- as it really needs. This is not a newspaper. I can maybe live with the lack of hyphens. Maybe.]

"No thoroughbred was ever just a clotheshorse."

Gawker points to this awful, awful pun in The New Yorker's Sex and the City review. And the horse puns continue after that, but I will save you from the awfulness.

(I wish I could say that I found the pun in The New Yorker itself and not through Gawker, but alas. When I get a raise maybe I will also subscribe to the magazine, but for now The New York Times is bankrupting me.)

But back to the important part -- The New Yorker made me cringe with a pun. The New Yorker. Everything I've ever known is wrong.

Also, Sex and the City is not being advertised in Jerusalem due to the possible offensiveness of the word "sex." I'm not sure how I feel about that.


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