Saturday, December 22, 2007

You're Never Fully Dressed...

Things that make me happy:
  • Articles or a series of articles about loving THE City. (Also, on the list of reasons to love NY, this is my Prince Charming: "Because the ultimate sign of chivalry is when a guy looks out for stiletto-heel-gobbling grates for a girl to avoid while walking down the perilous city streets.")
  • Reading an article and recognizing a sentence from a friend's away message and, so, knowing that we're reading the same newspaper and the same articles.
  • A late Chanukah/later graduation present.
  • Boots that give me blisters in a different place than the shoes I was wearing yesterday. (OK happy may be the wrong word for that, but still, it's good that I'm giving my blistered toe a day of relief, even at the expense of my ankles.)
  • Getting a free promotional iced tea on the street. Even if it has the unfortunate name "Honest Tea."


At 12/22/07, 11:40 PM, Blogger Writer said...

The question is, if that article is entirely absurd, are we redeemed by the fact that we were reading shallow things in a good newspaper?


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