Saturday, December 01, 2007

Law School: One; Copy Editing: Zero

This article about perks that law firms offer is, um, crazy. Pet insurance? Candied apples? Sabbaticals for studying classical piano? A nap room? (On a related note, I recently received lip balm from a law firm at work. Lip balm. With a law firm's name on it.)

Also, this Web site written by a twenty-something recent college grad who is doing a different job every week for a year is really cool. The Times article about it is also interesting. "Depending on your point of view, his extreme job hunt either typifies or parodies his age group." Or something.

But I will note, while on the topic of jobs, it is not crazy to want to have a job that you are passionate about it. It is not crazy to change your mind a few times and look for what will really make you happy. That is not crazy. I think it would be crazy not to do that. Just sayin'.


At 12/2/07, 5:06 PM, Anonymous yakki said...

why does it strike me as hilarious that a law firm needs to actually make a committee geared towards chesed?


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