Saturday, June 03, 2006

Deep Thoughts: The More-Fun-Than-Packing Edition

So, in my pursuit of avoiding packing and the accompanying decisions between flip flops and a coffeemaker, clothing and hangers to hang said clothing on, I bring you the not-so-deep thoughts I've been thinking:

  • Do not wear heels if you are going to be spending more time walking between shuls on Shavuot than sitting in any one shul. Even if the point of wearing the heels was that you didn't want to ruin your flats in the rain. You will get blisters.
  • Deciding to do major cooking two hours before Shavuot is probably not the best idea. (But just in case you're wondering, I make a mean lasagna and I can grill chicken on a George Foreman. Multi-talented.)
  • I missed music so, so much. My iPod is totally charged and ready for that four-and-a-half-hour bus ride. I'm almost excited for the bus. Almost.
  • I own a lot of stuff. A really lot of stuff. I mean, how much do you really need for an eight week stint in DC? Not so much. Right? Right.


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