Sunday, May 28, 2006

My Name Is Eli7 and I'm a Coffee-aholic

"Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation."

Since I've been home from school, I've been trying to detox on the coffee. Partially because, well, it's bad for you (though, I think my growth was stunted long ago), but really because my coffeemaker is not going to fit in my luggage to DC for the summer and they don't pay interns enough to pay for coffee every morning.

So, I hadn't had coffee for approximately two weeks. Two whole weeks. I endured the caffeine headaches--and only took Excedrin to fix them once. (Fine, that was probably cheating since Excedrin has caffeine, but I only did it once. Honest.)

The headaches have pretty much stopped, so I figure I'm totally cured. So it would be totally safe to get a coffee today, right? I mean, two weeks is like an eternity.

Well, let's just say I think I'm gonna hafta figure out how to pack that coffemaker because there is no way I'm going eight weeks without coffee. There is no way I'm going another day without coffee.


At 5/28/06, 2:57 PM, Blogger Michael said...

What are you doing in DC this summer?

I'm in NY for the week and I'd offer to bring it back with me when I return to DC next week but that would probably be a rather awkward intersection of "olam hablog" and real life.

Either way - small coffeemakers aren't terribly expensive; if you're as addicted as you sound, it might be well worth your while.

At 5/28/06, 5:03 PM, Blogger DAG said...

UH..ever hear of Starbucks?

At 5/28/06, 5:35 PM, Anonymous George said...

Dag - you must have skiped over the part where Eli7 said they don't pay interns enough to pay for coffee every morning.

At 5/28/06, 6:19 PM, Blogger Stx said...

Hang in there!

At 5/30/06, 1:31 PM, Blogger XVI (R) - NY said...

If your willing to make the switch to Dunkin', the whole coffee thing may become a bit easier on yourself and your wallet.

I go to the same DD every morning and the 2 guys behind the counter know me already. Due to these circumstances ive devised a little system where they dont tell me if my medium-skim-milk-3-sugars is decaf or not. This helps a little psychologically when I try to take a break.

I think.


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