Saturday, May 27, 2006

Department Stores Don't Care About the Little People

And by that I mean short people. Or so says the New York Times.

Though, honestly, I fall into the category who "would rather wear the more youthful ... clothing in the contemporary departments, even if it does not fit them as well" than shop in the petite department.

But even so, I agree that the "petite department was not about indulgence or convenience, but about parity." Short people deserve a department at department stores! Equality for the little people!


At 5/28/06, 2:19 PM, Blogger TRW said...

'Sfunny, 'cause as a fellow vertically-challeged person, I find most of my clothes in the petite section of department stores...regular stores are the ones with the issues!

At 5/30/06, 11:13 AM, Blogger Scraps said...

I tend to buy my clothes in regular sections even though I'm short, for two main reasons: 1) I can wear the short skirts and they actually cover my knees. 2) Though they have a "petite" section, they haven't figured out that short people aren't all a size medium or smaller (applies more to shirts than skirts).


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