Thursday, September 29, 2005

Role Models Gone Bad = Bad Role Models

Remember when Brandy Chastain after winning some soccer game took off her shirt in celebration and attracted criticism the world over? Well, now it's Kate Moss' turn to see the ugly side of being famous.

Now, let's get this straight: I don't think ripping your shirt off in celebration is a very good idea and I don't think snorting cocaine is a good idea. But I think what's interesting is that we as the public feel a need to condemn these people.

Partially, it's because these people are the ones in the public limelight; sure you could criticize some random druggie, but where would that get you? But underlying all the criticism is the fact that these are the people we look up to in society. These famous people - the athletes and the models - are our role models, so these are the people that have to do the right thing.

What's wrong with society, though, is not that our role models have gone bad, it's that we've picked the wrong role models. Why aren't our role models the smart people, the people who have gone out and changed the world, the people who are after more than fame and fortune?

Our role models should be people who deserve our respect. Surely some of them go off the deep end too, but picking the right role models might still be the a step in the right direction.


At 9/29/05, 3:03 PM, Blogger Nisht-Gevissen said...

How about this? Maybe our role models shouldn't be based on the statistics of their lingerie.

At 9/29/05, 3:42 PM, Anonymous J said...

It actually wasn't Mia Hamm, but Brandy Chastain.

At 9/29/05, 4:03 PM, Blogger Eli7 said...

J, you're right. I fixed it. Thanks. But didn't Mia Hamm have some scandal associated with her?

At 9/29/05, 7:57 PM, Anonymous J said...

Ummm...that she scored the most goals ever in professional soccer and than set up a multi-million dollar charity foundation?


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