Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands, and Hummmm

Ok, so anyone who knows about Columbia's Core Curriculum, knows that we take a lot of "hums" - Lit Hum, Music Hum, Art Hum. The hum merely stands for humanities and it's basically become Columbia speak.

So, when I saw a link to this Web site - World Hum - I got really excited, convinced that the author must be a Columbia grad. Instead, the site explains the name like this:

"As for the name, “World Hum” is a phrase from Don DeLillo’s novel “The Names,” and it describes the rush we feel when we travel: a surge of adrenaline, electricity, glee and, sometimes, on this ever-shrinking planet, connection."

Ahh well. Not everyone can hum.


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