Monday, August 13, 2012

Deep Thoughts: The Productivity and Jelly Beans Edition

  • The above graphic is exactly how I get work done. I find it is especially true both of summer work and working from home, so yeah, welcome to my life.
  • Apparently half of my siblings (and that's a pretty substantial number of people) hate jelly beans. How can anyone hate jelly beans? This is crazy.
  • I went to the beach today and, aside from a minor suntan lotion fail, had an awesome time. Why have I not gone to the beach every single day the whole summer? Or the whole time I've lived in Southern California? Things I am going to miss from the snowy depths of fly-over country...
  • I came across the Taboo Jewish Edition at a judaica store recently. Imagine if the game actually lived up to its name. This judaica store also carries a shtetel road mat and Uncle Moishy multivitamins, which are each bizarre in their own way. It also had a gorgeous kiddish cup we loved until we found out the price: $1300. Turns out, we have expensive taste. 


At 8/14/12, 9:51 PM, Anonymous Z. said...

Ahem. Tastes. Expensive tastes.


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