Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Deep Thoughts: The Don't Fly West on a Fast Day Edition

We are back from our last round of traveling (six cross-country treks in the month we've been married) and are looking forward to being in the same place for seven whole weeks. It may be the longest either of us have stayed put since October. Some thoughts from our travels:

  • Flying west on a fast day, thus adding three hours to your fast, is a really, really bad idea. Don't ever do it.
  • If you pack perishables (like, hypothetically, mock crab and deli) in your checked baggage and the airline decides to route your bag through Detroit even though you're flying from Newark to San Diego and then misplaces your bag so you don't get it until the next night, those perishables are, um, less than savory. Thankfully, they were vacuum-sealed, so our luggage did not smell like rotted mock crab.
  • The thing about having a super-awesome, fun wedding is that no other wedding you go to in the next month is going to be as fun (even if the other weddings are great, which they were). This is mostly because you're not the one getting married at those other weddings. Also, because you're not dancing in a fountain. 


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